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Camping in Mountains

Pauses for Hope

a praxical theologian's modest collection

A gentle wide welcome to any who needs a spot to rest for a little while.

Somewhere between the rush of our days and collapsing wearily to a stop,

a pause offers us a chance to take a new breath, turn a different direction, gaze above,

feel within, and to re-member our being.

May pause bring you wonder, relief, confession, surprise...hope.

. . . 

An ever debtor to grace,

the greater gifts have come

from those who have known sorrows

deeper than I have known.

With my grateful portion, I write.

I write about improbable hope.

I ponder about the curious

and wondrous hope that claims me

most days.

I scoop grace heapings, gathered over time,

and I offer a humble helping for visitors, companions

--my teachers, my friends.   


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