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An utterance at the end of a prayer. While some let the pastor utter it alone, others add them in between the utterances of faith another will say in a prayer.

I say a lot of amens since I am often the one leading prayers. I also fall in the category of people who salt up another's prayers with amens. A good friend agreed that pentecostal presbyterians do exist!

Today, there will be an abundance of thoughtful sermons and faithful prayers streamed and uploaded on the Internet. Most if not all churches are gathering for worship on-line. Even our little one at home had his spiritual formation hour via Zoom with Ms. Natalie, an amazing children’s minister from our church.

Ms. Natalie drew a big heart on a white board and put inside of it each child’s name as they signed in for worship. They were all in her heart. They sang and listened while coloring in this beautiful prayer sheet. Harold followed along with his blue headphones on. His dutifully colored page now welcomes us to pause when we enter the kitchen.

You will likely have had input to your own spiritual formation today. May I add this prayer offering from a little one? May I invite you to salt it up with audible amens in between? …at the very least sound one resounding amen at the end?

Tough seasons teach us to pray. They cause us to pray. Begin a practice of strengthening every prayer with your amens, affirming in faith: “yes,” “please,” “I believe,” "I want to believe," and “may it be so”--all this with an efficient and profound uttering: Amen.


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